Advanced Judo: Resource Pack

Over 100 illustrations have gone into making this comprehensive resource and Advanced Judo is a natural progression from our Top Ten Throws Bundle. 

Get resources to teach twenty judo combinations; take your judoka to the next level.

How to buy Advanced Judo

Download the easy-to-use pack. Simply print the templates and begin using at your dojo immediately.  


After you purchase the bundle you will receive a download link. Click on this to get 21 high resolution, print-ready templates.

Print & Use

Print the templates. We suggest using an online print company for quick and professional results. Use to teach and encourage your judoka.

Watch our short video about advancing judo skills.


What's in the pack?

 The Advanced Judo Bundle pack consists of twenty high resolution files ready for you to print and teach twenty combinations.

10 Key Stage Teaching Cards: Each card shows two complete combinations. The first combination shows a set up technique into the main waza. The second combination shows a follow up technique to use after the main waza has been blocked or avoided. 

Here, are the 20 combinations covered:

Kouchi-Gari into De-Ashi-Barai De-Ashi-Barai into Uchi-Mata Osoto-Gari into Harai-Goshi Harai-Goshi into Osoto-Gari Kouchi-Gari into Ippon-Seoi-Nage Ippon-Seoi-Nage into Kouchi-Gari De-Ashi-Barai into Kouchi-Gari Kouchi-Gari into Ippon-Seoi-Nage Kouchi-Gari into Morote-Seoi-Nage Morote-Seoi-Nage into Kouchi-Gari Sasae-Tsuri-Komi-Ashi into Osoto-Gari Osoto-Gari into Sasae-Tsuri-Komi-Ashi Kouchi-Gari into Ouchi-Gari Ouchi-Gari into Osoto-Gari Uchi-Mata into Sumi-Gaeshi Ouchi-Gari into Sumi-Gaeshi Ouchi-Gari into Tai-Otoshi Tai-Otoshi into Uchi-Mata De-Ashi-Barai into Uchi-Mata Uchi-Mata into Harai-Goshi 

10 Expert Reward Certificates: You pack also includes ten reward certificates. Give them to your judoka when they have mastered both combinations. Let your judoka know they have achieved and motivate them to collect all ten cards!

PLUS! A2 Poster With Over 100 Illustrations: You can print this poster at any size up to A2 and use to make a great focal point in your dojo. 


How to Teach Movement

Someone who can do an Osoto-Gari and a Sasae-Tsuri-Komi-Ashi is good. Someone who can link those two throws is not twice as good, but is many times better. Real skill comes when we begin to use reactions, combine throws and widen our range. 

Eight Directions

Directions are the first key to unlocking an effective judo repertoire. A judoka should be able to throw in all eight directions.

Movement increases skill

Movement tests our basis skills. As uke moves that are infinite adjustments that tori needs to master.

Interlinking Throws 

To become truly effective a judoka needs to be able to interlink throws, so one technique leads onto the next and to the next

Kakari Geiko 

Kakari Geiko (often called Butsakari) is an excellent drill to teach combination judo. Kakari Geiko is similar to randori but only tori attacks.

Who designs Koka Kids?

Nicola Fairbrother, the creator of the Koka Kids range of products and well known in the world of judo. In 1992 Nik won the Olympic Silver medal, a year later she became the lightweight world champion. Nik now works with judo coaches to help them promote and teach junior judo.

Contact Nicola Fairbrother, 7th Dan MBE

Improving coaching skills!

“As coaches, we also use Koka Kids, to improve our coaching skills and learn new, or old ways, to develop techniques”

Stephen Mc Cluskey, Judo Academy

Advanced Judo: Teach Twenty Combinations