Newaza Turnovers: Resource Pack

Stuck for an idea to teach tonight at judo? Download the Newaza Turnovers resource pack and get quality resources to teach ten turnovers. 

 You will get posters, certificate and key-stage teaching cards to use at your dojo and help your judoka improve their groundwork skills.  

How to buy the Newaza Turnovers Resources

The Newaza Turnovers Resourc pack consists of thirty high resolution files ready for you to download, print and use. Easy to use, you will get print-ready templates. Download the pack today - and you could be using the resources to help you teach tonight!  


After you purchase the bundle you will receive a download link. Click on this to get 30 high resolution, print-ready templates.

Print & Use

Print the templates. We suggest using an online print company for quick and professional results. Use to teach and encourage your judoka.

Watch our short video about the resource pack.


What's in the pack?

10 Posters: Your pack will include ten posters. Each poster shows a different turnover and it’s name. Print and use around your dojo.

10 Key Stage Teaching Cards: All the turnovers are fully illustrated. Your judoka will be able to follow each stage of the technique on the key stage cards. There is space at the top for your judoka to write their name. Give these to your judoka to take home and study in their own time.

10 Reward Certificates: A great motivator! Your pack includes a certificate for each turnover. Present them when you feel your judoka have acquired the new skill.


Groundwork Matters

Newaza is an essential part of judo, a perfect way to start the class and by improving your groundwork you become more confident in your tachi-waza attacks.

Judoka Don't Float

At some point in every judo contest, the judoka end up on the ground. It makes sense to become good at it.

Improves All your judo 

Improving your groundwork judo will also help your tachi-waza giving you more confidence to attack.

Beginners & Champions 

Groundwork is loved by beginners but it shouldn't stop there. Anton Geesink won the Olympic gold medal with a Kesa-Gatame. 

The Perfect Warm Up 

An easy way to start each class is with a groundwork warm up. Get your judoka to run through all ten turnovers.

Who designs Koka Kids?

Nicola Fairbrother, is the creator of the Koka Kids range of products. In 1992 Nik won the Olympic Silver medal, a year later she became the lightweight world champion. 

"This resource will come as no surprise to many. After all I come from Pinewood - well known for its spectacular groudwork skills. My coach, Don Werner placed the highest priority on newaza and each session we'd drill hundreds of turnovers. From that comes this: a brand new groundwork resource. I hope you like it!"

Contact Nicola Fairbrother, 7th Dan MBE

Why teach judo

“Teaching has always been an integral part of my Judo, seeing the delight on children’s faces when they have had a brilliant time on the Judo mat, brings a lot of pleasure to me. My biggest aim is to make sure every child has the same experience that I had.”

Larry Stevenson, The Budokwai

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