Top Ten Throws: Resource Pack

Download the Top Ten Throws bundle and get resources to teach these ten throws: Ippon Seoi-Nage, Morote Seoi-nage, Kouchi-Gari, Ouchi-Gari, Uchi-Mata, Tai-Otoshi, Sumi-Gaeshi, Harai-Goshi and De-Ashi Barai. 

How to buy Top Ten Throws

The Top Ten Throws Bundle pack consists of thirty high resolution files ready for you to download, print and use. Easy to use, you will get print-ready templates. Download the pack today - and you could be using the resources to help you teach tonight!  


After you purchase the bundle you will receive a download link. Click on this to get 30 high resolution, print-ready templates.

Print & Use

Print the templates. We suggest using an online print company for quick and professional results. Use to teach and encourage your judoka.

Watch our short video about how visuals help children learn faster.


What's in the pack?

10 Technique Posters: Your pack will include ten different technique posters. The poster shows the technique and it’s name; put them up in your dojo – they are a great way to remind your judoka what you are teaching.  

10 Key Stage Teaching Cards: Each of the ten techniques has it’s own key stage teaching card. On that card there are four to six illustrations that show each stage of the throw. Why not print these out and give them to your judoka to take home with them?  

10 Reward Certificates: Also, in your pack you will get ten reward certificates. Give these out once you feel your judoka has learnt the throw. Not only do they act as a signpost to the judoka to let them know they have achieved, they are also a great confidence booster and motivator.


Visuals speed learning

There are two main reasons why visuals work: they speed the learning process and they make learning more permanent. Visuals help clarify what is being taught. Where words can go in one ear and out the other, images last; easier to recall and faster to process.

Visual Learners

Did you know two out of every three judoka in your dojo are likely to be visual learners.

Learn Faster Better Recall 

We find it far easier to recall and remember when facts are linked to images. The brain processes images 60,000 times faster than audio.

Remember Techniques

Typically after 3 days we will remember 10% of what we hear, 35% of what we see and 65% of what we see and hear.

Slower Learners 

Images allow children to study the techniqes in their own time and at their own pace. 

Who designs Koka Kids?

Nicola Fairbrother, the creator of the Koka Kids range of products and well known in the world of judo. In 1992 Nik won the Olympic Silver medal, a year later she became the lightweight world champion. Nik now works with judo coaches to help them promote and teach junior judo.

Contact Nicola Fairbrother, 7th Dan MBE

My juniors love it!

“The resources created by Koka kids are brilliant for not only visual learners but also kinaesthetic learners, because they can practice the techniques while viewing the resources. They are colourful, well illustrated and contain brilliant characters which my junior member love.”

John Law, Mei-Do-Kan Judo

Top Ten Throws: 30 High Resolution Teaching Templates