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  Looking for judo gifts? Prizes? Team Wear? Look no further... well, maybe scroll down a little bit further ... but safe to say you've come to the right place! We have t-shirts, hoodies and a specialised children's judo suit.

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There are discounts for judo clubs wanting to buy any of these products in larger volumes to sell at their clubs.

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First, Meet Uchi-Banani

Named (by a Koka Kids reader) because of his love for bananas AND uchi-komi, our cheeky mascot, Uchi-Banani is universally loved. You'll see Uchi on most of our products.


 T-shirts for Your Club

Reward and engage your judo club members by giving them a Koka Kids T-shirts and you'll be promoting judo at the same time.  

"I think attendance is important, as it is essential for long term development. So we give all our young judoka a Koka Kids T-shirt when they have been a member for a year.  

  I feel by giving judo related merchandise we encourage our judoka to be an active member of the club.  

  And it promotes our sport.  

  They all enjoy wearing them in and out of the club.  

  It is the second batch of Koka Kids tops we have had and the judoka love them! The parents feedback has been good too.”

Richard Jones, Irfon Judo Club Sensei  


The Making of the Hajime Gi

Fighting Films has been making some of the best judogi in the world for three decades - and so they were our obvious partner for the Koka Kids Hajime Gi. 

We asked them for a quality children's judo suit with a difference. Needless to say Fighting Films surpassed expectations. They gave us the Hajime Gi: all their usual quality plus Uchi-Banani patches on the arm, belt and the trousers. 

It's all in the details... 

Hajime: The Starter Kit

The Hajime Gi is perfect for children starting judo. Strong and light it is the perfect kit for beginners and intermediate judoka. 

Fun in the Details

Each judo suit has the eye-catching Uchi Banani character woven onto the shoulder patch. Uchi Banani features again on the trouser leg and the belt.

Sizes & Colours

Available in white only, sizes from 100cm to 150cm

Affordable Quality

A great starter kit offering Fighting Films quality at an affordable price.


Judo Hoody

JUDO in large appliqued letters and the cheeky Uchi Banani monkey embroidered perched on the O! This is one of our all-time best sellers. Perfect to wear to keep warm on your way to the dojo. Also available in grey.

Who designs Koka Kids?

Nicola Fairbrother is the creator of the Koka Kids range of products. In 1992 Nik won the Olympic Silver medal, a year later she became the lightweight world champion. Nik now works with judo coaches to help them promote and teach junior judo.

Contact Nicola Fairbrother, 7th Dan MBE

Thumbs up!

Valentina wearing the first ever Koka Kids T-shirt: the Classic Uchi-Banani. 

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